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Our goal is to place puppies and or adults according to their individual temperaments with the right family or individual.  Some Pomeranians don't like children and some love everyone.  Some Poms might be a little shy, while others might be very outgoing.  We believe that placing a Pomeranian in the right home will make for a wonderful experience and lifetime of happiness, not only for you, but for the dog too.  Filling out this application will help us find the right Pom for you.  Thank you.

Please only answer the questions that apply to you. 
 For example:  If you are interested in a pet only, you do not need to answer any questions regarding showing or breeding. 

Please note that upon purchase of any Evensong Pomeranian you will be asked to sign a pet or show prospect contract. 
Please also note that we DO NOT sell to puppy mills, brokers, cooperative breeders, or to breeders that do not show.


Name (Required) 

Street Address (Required) 

City, State, Zip Code (Required) 

E-Mail Address (Required) 

Home Phone Number (Required) 

How Did you Find Us? 
(Referral from another buyer, breeder, Internet directory, etc.) 

Age 18-40    41-60     60+

 Are there other adults in your home?  Yes    No

Do you have any children?  Yes    No

If yes, what are their ages, and have they ever been exposed to dogs in the past?

Do all family members agree on the addition of a Pomeranian to your family?  Yes    No

If you answered no, who is not in favor of getting a Pomeranian and why? 

Are you interested in a dog on our Web site that is listed for sale?  Yes    No

If yes, please indicate which dog.

Who will care for the dog if you should become incapacitated, either temporarily or permanently?

Do you agree that if for some reason you are unable to care for the dog, you will contact us to help in its relocation and that we will have first right of refusal?  Yes    No

Do you own or rent your home?  Own    Rent

If your home is a rental, will your landlord be willing to sign a statement allowing you to keep a Pomeranian?  Yes    No

How many hours will the dog be left alone each day? 

Where will the dog be when no one is at home?

Does your family have enough quality time to devote to a dog?  Yes    No

Are you willing to take responsibility for the dog for the next 10 or more years?  Yes    No

How many dogs do you have now? 

What breeds?

Have you ever owned a Pomeranian before?  Yes    No

If yes, how recently?

What is your reason for choosing a Pomeranian?

Are you aware of the socialization needs of a Pomeranian, and do you feel capable of providing for these needs?  Yes    No

Do you have pets other than dogs?  Yes    No

If yes, what are they?

Is your yard fenced, or do you have a fenced enclosure for the dog?  Yes     No

If you answered no, how do you intend to exercise the dog?

Do you intend to keep your dog inside the house?  Yes    No

Have you ever used a crate to confine your dog?  Yes    No

What area of interest would you like to pursue with your Pomeranian?  Conformation, breeding, obedience, agility, pet, or 4-H project.  (Please list all that apply)

Other (Please explain)

Have you ever shown in conformation?  Yes    No

Have you ever shown in obedience?  Yes    No

If yes, to either, where and to what extent?

If you are interested in breeding this dog, what are your reasons for breeding? 

Are you willing to enroll the dog in at least one structured obedience class?  Yes    No

If you are seeking a show prospect, are you willing to show said Pomeranian in at least 20 AKC sanctioned shows to determine its actual show potential?  Yes    No

Would you be willing to pay for an outside handler if you cannot show the dog yourself?  Yes    No

Would you be willing to co-own the dog until it achieves its AKC championship?  Yes   No 

Please indicate your color preference.  Orange, black, black and white parti, cream, etc.

Would you prefer a male or female?  Male    Female

Would you consider an older dog?  Yes    No

Would you consider a rescue or abandoned dog?  Yes    No

If yes, what is the maximum age you would accept? 

Please give two references of people that know or have known you and your pets.  Please include a phone number where your references can be reached.

Please provide the name and address of your veterinarian as a reference.  If you do not have a veterinarian, please list the name and address of the veterinarian you intend to use.

All Pomeranian puppies placed as pets must be neutered or spayed by six months of age and are sold with limited registration.  We do ask for proof that the procedure has been done.  Registration papers will not be released for  puppies that are already registered until the dog has been neutered or spayed.  Do you have any reservations about this policy?  Yes    No

If you answered yes, please tell us about your reservations.

Are you aware of some of the health problems that can appear in some Pomeranians today?  Yes    No

Are you aware that Pomeranians are small in size, may bark frequently, need frequent grooming, and that they shed?  Yes    No

Are you willing to deal with the above aspects that are a part of owning a Pomeranian?  Yes    No

Comments:  Please add anything that you think would help us in determining what Pomeranian would be right for you.


By clicking the submit button you are verifying that all of the information on this application is true and correct.

Thank you for filling out this application. 

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